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  • All I Do Is Dream Of You

    Michael Buble Big Band Chart. Choose a relaxed tempo - add a walking bass line, plus a gentle rhythmic figure from the saxes - the perfect intro for this great standard. Transcribed by Cy Payne from the album "Crazy Love" for full big band, with the opening key and modulations as recorded. Synth strings. Learn More
  • All I Wanna Do

    SHERYL CROW - SMALL BAND GIRL VOCAL. This was a top ten hit around the world for Sheryl Crow and was based on the poem "fun" by Wyn Cooper. A great party number, available for Small Band, Big Band or Augmented Big Band with full strings. Watch youtube video using the link below Learn More
  • All Of Me

    This version is a transcription of Basie's perfomance from the "Sinatra at the Sands" album and it differs slightly from the great Billy Byers studio version of the chart. The chart must be taken at a laid-back pace and your band needs to observe the written dynamics and articulations in order to achive the right feel. Learn More
  • All the Cats Join In

    Benny Goodman recorded this chart as an instrumental feature, to which a vocal overlay was added before it became part of the soundtrack for Disney's 1946 Make Mine Music cartoon cinema release. It's a hot swing chart that features Clarinet, Piano, Trombone, Trumpet and Tenor, and it works equally well as a concert or swing dance chart. Aside from the Piano solos, all the others are written out in full "as played" by the BG orchestra. We have cross cued the Piano solo chords onto the Clarinet part, should you wish to make this number an extended Clarinet feature. The reeds are scored CAATT and we have augmented the brass up to 8 voices. Learn More
  • All the Things You Are

    If you are looking for a flagwaver that'll set the audience on the edge of their seats, look no further! Learn More
  • Alright, Okay, You Win

    This version is a very dancable bouncy shuffle that has a solid pulse. There is nothing complicated about the chart & it is a fine example of how to score an arrangment to feature your vocalist. There is also a great 8 bar bridge between the vocal choruses which gives a real kick to the middle of the arrangement.The Trombones are written for 3 Tenors & a Bass, though the Bass bone is in Tenor range. We have scored the vocal chart to reflect Joe Williams' performance. No Sax doubles. Learn More
  • Always True to You in My Fashion

    This song was written by Cole Porter for the musical Kiss Me Kate. Our arrangement is similar to that performed by the great Julie London. This chart moves along nicely, with a mix of two & four beat feel & is elegant in its simplicity. The band parts are very straightforward, there are no sax doubles & the brass ranges are moderate, making it playable by bands of all levels of ability. The vocal is a comfortable female alto key of F. If your singer likes songs that tell a story. Always True to You will be a winner. Learn More
  • Amapola

    This is the Benny Goodman version of Amapola, with Helen Forest taking the vocal. A delightful tune, well delivered, & of course with a Clarinet solo from the great man himself. This chart is as per the original version, & we have scored the Saxes AATT plus a Clarinet Solo part. The trick with this chart is not to play it too fast. It just chugs along & swings all the way.  Learn More
  • And The Angels Sing

    Another classic adapted from the Benny Goodman arrangement. In the original arrangement the vocal chorus led to a typical Goodman 'Yiddish' trumpet chorus. In our arrangement this is replaced by a more conventional trumpet solo chorus & 'middle 8', with the vocal returning to close the chorus. The ending is as per the original, with a trumpet solo feature leading the band to a rousing finale. Learn More
  • Angels

    Small Band Vocal. Instrumentation: Vocal, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Trombone,4 Rhythm and Score. The MP3 sample is a recording of our published chart. Also available as a Big Band Vocal Learn More

    Regular Price: £30.00

    Special Price £25.50

  • Angels

    BIG BAND VOCAL. ROBBIE WILLIAMS. A full Big Band setting of the rock ballad. SPECIAL NOTE: The sample MP3 is a live recording of our actual published chart. Learn More

    Regular Price: £37.00

    Special Price £31.45

  • Anvil Chorus

    Originally from Verdi's Il Trovatore, Anvil Chorus was a big hit for the Glenn Miller band, thanks to the fabulous arrangement by Gerry Gray. We have faithfully restored the original version here, complete with fully written out solos for Tenor & Trumpet. The Saxes are voiced AAATT throughout, as per the original & all dynamics are clearly marked. This chart is great in performance, & at 240 bpm you will need precision & nimble fingers to pull it off. Learn More
  • Any Old Time

    BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL - BILLIE HOLIDAY. This is one of those songs which are very worthwhile listening to on You Tube for the superb phrasing by Billie Holliday, even if you are not planning to buy the chart. This was one of Artie Shaw's biggest early hits.Recorded in 1938 with Billie Holiday and later on with Helen Forrest. It is a clarinet feature in addition to a vocal chart. It begins in F for a chorus and then modulates to C for the vocal part. The chart then goes to Ab for the last section. Shaw's clarinet parts are written out in full (on Alto1) as well as the 8-bar tenor solo. Chord changes have been provided in the event that the players would rather improvise. It was originally written for 3 trumpets and 2 trombones, but it has been adapted for 8 brass. Also the baritone sax doubles on Alto for most of the arrangement. Learn More
  • Anything Goes

    Here's Nelson Riddle's famous arrangement from Frank Sinatra's classic record 'Song for Swingin' Lovers,' recorded in 1956. The arrangement opens with the guitar playing a little syncopated figure and alto 1 on flute. Trombones are on cup mutes for the vocal entrance. Unlike other Riddle/Sinatra charts from this period, there isn't any instrumental section in this arrangement - there are vocals throughout. This isn't really that difficult of an arrangement, but just a really great showcase for your male vocalist. Alto 1 doubles on flute. Learn More
  • Apple Blossom Time

    ANDREW SISTERS BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL CHART. This arrangement of the Andrews Sisters version of Apple Blossom Time shows a more sentimental side of the trio's repertoire. Unusually, the chart is only scored for 3 voices, 4 Trombones & 4 Rhythm. There are no parts for Trumpets or Saxes, so it can be used as a showcase for your bone-section & singers. Faithfully transcribed by Alan Glasscock by referencing a number of recordings that the Sisters made, in order to achieve complete authenticity & accuracy. This number will sit well in any set, particularly as a late-night closer. Learn More
  • Apple Honey

    This version follows the form of the Woody Herman original, though the solo spaces less cluttered.  Because of the speed this chart is rated advanced. Learn More
  • April in Paris

    One of the great standards in a very playable vocal arrangement. A full band intro gives an excellent lead in for the vocalist. There are plenty of backings/fills throughout and an instrumental section with ideas from the well known Count Basie version. Instrumentation:  5 saxes (AATTB), 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 3 Bb clar. 3 flutes, horn in F, 4 rhythm. Learn More
  • As Time Goes By

    This is one of our specially written charts for student/amateur swing bands.  In addition to the usual 8 Brass and 5 Saxes we have included optional Flutes, Clarinets and a Horn in F.  Very safe brass ranges are adopted throughout. This all time favourite ballad, featured in the 1942 film Casablanca, deserves to be included in every band's library.  It has a very comfortable vocal range.  After a full ensemble introduction the first vocal chorus has muted trumpet fills and very playable background figures from the rest of the band.  An instrumental half chorus is included. Learn More
  • At Last

    The Miller band had several version of this chart, & ours is drawn from the version in the film 'Orchestra Wives'. Whilst it is not the complete film version, with both male & female vocal, it has the same dramatic opening with Billy May's trumpet solo then into the Sax soli, followed by a Trombone soli in even time, accompanied by Piano obligato. Then follows the modulation into the vocal chorus (in the key of A) & final band flourish. There is no audio file here, but for those of you who know the film, the above description should tell you all you need to know!! Lead Alto in on Clarinet throughout, & Baritone doubles Alto. Learn More
  • At Sundown

    This is Artie Shaw's 1939 version of At Sundown, from the time when his first band was arguably at its height. The arrangement has been adapted from the original 3 Trumpet 3 Trombone line-up, to a regular 4 4 brass section, & the Reeds are scored for Clarinet, 2 Altos & 2 Tenors. We have written out Shaw's Clarinet solo in full along with the Tenor & Trumpet solos, but have left the Piano solo as an improvisation. All the soloists have the chords on their parts should they wish to do their own thing.  There are no Sax doubles. Learn More

Items 21 to 40 of 629 total

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