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  • Body and Soul

    The classic jazz ballad, from Tony Bennett's "Duets 2" album featuring Amy Winehouse. Available for Big Band, Augmented Big Band with full strings, or for Small Band:- Alto, Tenor, Bari, 2 Trpts, Trom, Boy and Girl Vocals, 4 Rhythm, optional Vibes and full score. Learn More

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  • Bolero

    CONCERT BAND. From the opening pianissimo side drum rhythm this immediately recognizable composition follows the layout of Ravel's original version, but with the initial theme written for Alto Sax. A very playable Intermediate Level chart. Learn More
  • Boogie Blues

    A hit for Anita O'Day during her second spell with the Gene Krupa Orchestra, this chart is taken from the album 'Let Me Off Uptown' on Columbia/Legacy (CK 65625). The opening Boogie, followed by an Alto solo (written) leads in to the vocal chorus. There's just a muted trumpet & the rhythm section backing the singer. The band comes back with the boogie & into a big shout chorus to finish. Baritone sax on Alto throughout. Alto & Trumpet solos written out. Learn More
  • Boogie Stop Shuffle

    BIG BAND. CHARLIE MINGUS. The third track on the album Mingus Ah Um. This catchy riff based tune uses blues changes and you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like depending on the tempo you use ! Solos are for Sax, Piano and Drums. Learn More
  • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

    ANDREW SISTERS BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL CHART. The Andrews Sisters produced a huge number of hits, & Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy is one of their finest. Alan Glasscock has scored a cracking version here, & has notated the Vocal Trio parts with exceptional skill. There were a couple of key versions of this song. One was the Decca release & the other done for the movie Buck Pirates. The Decca chart used a small backing band, the movie a full big band. Our version fuses the two & takes the best from both. Although this is a Vocal Trio, we have also included a Solo Vocal part. Learn More
  • Boom Shot

    Boom Shot is a rare gem of a chart from the Glen Miller book, co-written by Mr. Miller himself. It swings with a lift (if not played too fast) and features your 2nd Trumpet as well as solos (written) for 1st Alto & Trombone, & space for some background improvised Piano too. The song itself is unusual, being not much more than an 8 bar melody, but the orchestration is superb & the series of modulations that run through the chart give the whole thing a series of constant kicks that keep it fresh & moving. Baritone doubles Alto. Learn More
  • Boulder Buff

    Fred Norman wrote and arranged this tune for the Miller band, and we have transcribed this chart from Miller's 1941 Hollywood recording.  The opening Piano solo and later Trumpet and Tenor solos are fully written out, and all dynamics and articulations are notated on the chart, allowing you to re-create the authentic Miller sound. Technically this is not a difficult chart to play, providing that you maintain good sectional discipline and don't rushy the tempo!  There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Brazil

    BIG BAND VOCAL. From the Frank Sinatra/Billy May all time classic album 'Come Fly With Me', transcribed by Cy Payne and in the original recorded key. A mid tempo swing chart with the crisp and careful writing for the brass, typical of Billy May recordings. Learn More
  • Brick House

    It is absolutely impossible to find a funkier tune than this R&B hit from the '70s courtesy of The Commodores. Paul's chart has it all from the trademark bass riff to the ensemble punches and melodic hooks. Bring down the house as you groove on this one! Learn More
  • Bugle Call Rag

    This arrangement of Bugle Call Rag, originally scored for the band by Jimmy Mundy, was one of the charts that helped launch the Benny Goodman Orchestra into the swing era that fateful August day at the Palomar Ballroom in 1935.  This is a transcription of the 1936 studio recording, but adapted up to 8 brass whilst maintaining the feel and flair of the original chart. All of the solos are written out in full - Clarinet, Trombone, Tenor & Trumpet - plus Gene Krupa's little drum licks behind the solo breaks too. The reeds are scored for CAATT, and both Altos double on Clarinet. This is a fast challenging chart, and highly rewarding to play. Duration 3'00". Learn More
  • Button Up Your Overcoat

    This is written to be played in the usual bright swing style, with the full ensemble 4 bar introduction giving a very positive lead into the first vocal chorus. The first 16 bar instrumental section has answering phrases from the brass and reeds/w.w. This is followed by 8 bars of ensemble with single bar drum breaks leading into the final vocal section and a powerful ending. Instrumentation:  5 saxes (AATTB), 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 3 Bb clar. 3 flutes, horn in F, 4 rhythm. Learn More
  • Call Me Irresponsible

    A Michael Buble Small Band Chart. The relaxed swinging title track from Michael Buble's album of the same name, transcribed by Cy Payne. A classic Sammy Cahn and Jimmy van Heusen number. Alto, Tenor, Bari, 2 Trpts, Trom, 4 Rhythm, Vocal and full score. Learn More
  • Call Me Irresponsible

    A Michael Buble Big Band Chart. The relaxed swinging title track from Michael Buble's album of the same name, transcribed by Cy Payne. A classic Sammy Cahn and Jimmy van Heusen number. Learn More
  • Can't Buy Me Love

    A Michael Buble Big Band Chart. Based on the Michael Buble's recording, transcribed and adapted by Cy Payne. This is a no holds barred arrangement. Learn More
  • Can't buy me love (key Em)

    A Michael Buble Big Band Chart. Big Band Vocal by Lennon & McCartney, arranged by Cy Payne in the lower key Em Learn More
  • Can't We Be Friends?

    BIG BAND VOCAL. Recorded in 1962 and featured on the record "Sammy Davis Jr. Sings What Kind of Fool Am I and Other Show Stoppers", this Marty Paich arrangement is simple but swinging. There are 8-bar solos for alto sax and trumpet 2. Both of the recorded solos have been written out (chord changes have been included for improvisation). There were no guitar or piano in the original recording; however, optional parts have been included for both instruments. The vocals begin in D flat and modulate to E flat towards the end. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Caribbean Clipper

    This up-temp swing chart features the piano, (originally Mel Powell) as well as the drums in the shout chorus. A classic Miller technique is used to propel this number - unison saxes with brass punches providing rhythmic support, with the melody inverted later on to the brass, with sax figures backing. A wonderfully middle passage of two trumpet pairs playing counterbalancing lines, one set open, one pair with wah-wah plungers, & both backed by glissing trombones & fill-phrased saxes is quite unique. A must for anyone's library. Sax doubles: 1st Alto to Clarinet. 1st Tenor to Clarinet. Baritone to Alto. Learn More
  • Cerezo Rosa (Cherry Pink)

    Cerezo Rosa, or Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White as it is otherwise known, is probably Perez Prado's most well known piece. In essence, it's a Trumpet solo with big band backing, & is instantly recognisable for the valved & lipped slur/scoop at the start of the soloists phrase. We have written the solo part for the 4th Trumpet. All of the rhythm parts are written out in full, though your Pianist & Guitarist are equally free to play their own interpretation from the chords provided. The lead Trumpet has to reach a high E once, & some high D's with an option to scream to high F.  No sax doubles. Learn More
  • Chattanooga Choo Choo

    This is one our specially written charts for student/amateur swing bands. In addition to the usual 8 Brass and 5 Saxes we have included optional Flutes, Clarinets and Horn in F. Very safe Brass ranges are adopted throughout. This chart broadly follows the Glenn Miller version, including the 'steam engine' rhythmic intro, but in a bright straight 8 style to give it a real up to date feel. There is section playing throughout, with no solos. Learn More
  • Cheek to Cheek

    Ella Fitzgerald Big Band Vocal Chart. This a transcription of the original Paul Weston chart. The vocal part is written "as sung" by Ella Fitzgerald. Learn More

Items 81 to 100 of 640 total

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