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  • At Last

    The Miller band had several version of this chart, & ours is drawn from the version in the film 'Orchestra Wives'. Whilst it is not the complete film version, with both male & female vocal, it has the same dramatic opening with Billy May's trumpet solo then into the Sax soli, followed by a Trombone soli in even time, accompanied by Piano obligato. Then follows the modulation into the vocal chorus (in the key of A) & final band flourish. There is no audio file here, but for those of you who know the film, the above description should tell you all you need to know!! Lead Alto in on Clarinet throughout, & Baritone doubles Alto. Learn More
  • Chattanooga Choo Choo

    This is one our specially written charts for student/amateur swing bands. In addition to the usual 8 Brass and 5 Saxes we have included optional Flutes, Clarinets and Horn in F. Very safe Brass ranges are adopted throughout. This chart broadly follows the Glenn Miller version, including the 'steam engine' rhythmic intro, but in a bright straight 8 style to give it a real up to date feel. There is section playing throughout, with no solos. Learn More
  • I Know Why

    This version of I Know Why is adapted from our vocal version and is from the film Sun Valley Serenade. It includes an additional instrumental chorus not found in the earlier Miller recorded version. A lovely ballad, this conversion from the SATB vocal is true to the original in its structure and naturally features Miller-scored reeds.Lead Alto is on Clarinet throughout and Baritone doubles. We also offer this chart as a vocal version as played by Miller Band.   Learn More
  • It Happened In Sun Valley

    It Happened in Sun Valley was written for the 1941 film Sun Valley Serenade. We have recreated the Miller chart , &  have scored it for a full big band & five piece vocal backing group it is singable with only a boy girl duo. The band vocal chorus is written into all of the brass & sax parts. All saxes are called upon to double Clarinet (Bari on Bass Clarinet & Alto). The Bari sax part is printed double sided - with & without the Bass Clarinet double.Tex Beneke's solo is written out in full on the Tenor 1 part & is also cued on Tenor 2. Learn More
  • Kalamazoo

    Here is the extended version of  I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo made famous by the Glenn Miller Orch. in the film Orchestra Wives. This chart differs significantly from the studio recorded version, & has a full chorus band intro, an interlude leading to the vocals, an extra band bridge into a vocal reprise, plus an added 24 bar band section to close. The arrangement is scored for male vocalist plus a backing group of 5 - ideally girl, 3 tenors & baritone, & in the Saxes Alto 2 & Tenor 1 both double Clarinets. The Tenor solo is written on the 2nd Tenor part & also cross-cued on the male vocal part. Learn More
  • Serenade in Blue

    Serenade in Blue is another classic from the Glenn Miller Orch. with the Modernaires, & Alan Glasscock's transcription is a true reflection of the original. The chart is written for Male vocalist with a 4-piece backing group. Perhaps the trickiest part of the chart is Billy May's unique opening passage which needs to be played with confidence & a relaxed feel. The saxes have a number of instrument doubles: Altos 1&2 on Clarinets, Tenor 2 on Bass Clarinet (in the intro), though this may be taken on Tenor if needs be. The Trumpet solo in the intro is meticulously written out. All articulations & dynamics are indicated. Learn More
  • You'll Never Know

    You'll Never Know is an enchanting Female vocal ballad, scored by US arranger Dick Burlant. Written with stunning simplicity the vocalist is perfectly complimented by the band backing which is never overdone. Although quite short, at just over 2 minutes, it is as long as it needs to be. The brass ranges are low, & the chart is just so playable. The mp3 was taken live from a rehearsal, so please forgive the sound quality. There are no Sax doubles. Learn More

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