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  • Anvil Chorus

    Originally from Verdi's Il Trovatore, Anvil Chorus was a big hit for the Glenn Miller band, thanks to the fabulous arrangement by Gerry Gray. We have faithfully restored the original version here, complete with fully written out solos for Tenor & Trumpet. The Saxes are voiced AAATT throughout, as per the original & all dynamics are clearly marked. This chart is great in performance, & at 240 bpm you will need precision & nimble fingers to pull it off. Learn More
  • Apple Blossom Time

    ANDREW SISTERS BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL CHART. This arrangement of the Andrews Sisters version of Apple Blossom Time shows a more sentimental side of the trio's repertoire. Unusually, the chart is only scored for 3 voices, 4 Trombones & 4 Rhythm. There are no parts for Trumpets or Saxes, so it can be used as a showcase for your bone-section & singers. Faithfully transcribed by Alan Glasscock by referencing a number of recordings that the Sisters made, in order to achieve complete authenticity & accuracy. This number will sit well in any set, particularly as a late-night closer. Learn More
  • At Last

    The Miller band had several version of this chart, & ours is drawn from the version in the film 'Orchestra Wives'. Whilst it is not the complete film version, with both male & female vocal, it has the same dramatic opening with Billy May's trumpet solo then into the Sax soli, followed by a Trombone soli in even time, accompanied by Piano obligato. Then follows the modulation into the vocal chorus (in the key of A) & final band flourish. There is no audio file here, but for those of you who know the film, the above description should tell you all you need to know!! Lead Alto in on Clarinet throughout, & Baritone doubles Alto. Learn More
  • Blacksmith Blues

    Written for Ella Morse, this song was originally the flipside to Love me or Leave Me, issued in 1952 and it became her biggest hit..  Whilst the original rcording has a fade out at the end, we have writen a definite ending as outside of a studio  fadeouts just don't work. Learn More
  • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

    ANDREW SISTERS BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL CHART. The Andrews Sisters produced a huge number of hits, & Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy is one of their finest. Alan Glasscock has scored a cracking version here, & has notated the Vocal Trio parts with exceptional skill. There were a couple of key versions of this song. One was the Decca release & the other done for the movie Buck Pirates. The Decca chart used a small backing band, the movie a full big band. Our version fuses the two & takes the best from both. Although this is a Vocal Trio, we have also included a Solo Vocal part. Learn More
  • Boom Shot

    Boom Shot is a rare gem of a chart from the Glen Miller book, co-written by Mr. Miller himself. It swings with a lift (if not played too fast) and features your 2nd Trumpet as well as solos (written) for 1st Alto & Trombone, & space for some background improvised Piano too. The song itself is unusual, being not much more than an 8 bar melody, but the orchestration is superb & the series of modulations that run through the chart give the whole thing a series of constant kicks that keep it fresh & moving. Baritone doubles Alto. Learn More
  • Boulder Buff

    Fred Norman wrote and arranged this tune for the Miller band, and we have transcribed this chart from Miller's 1941 Hollywood recording.  The opening Piano solo and later Trumpet and Tenor solos are fully written out, and all dynamics and articulations are notated on the chart, allowing you to re-create the authentic Miller sound. Technically this is not a difficult chart to play, providing that you maintain good sectional discipline and don't rushy the tempo!  There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Cherry

    Cherry is a classic from the Harry James Orchestra & a great chart for showcasing one of your Trumpet players. The original arrangement was done with strings, but we have replaced the string lines with saxes, to make the chart playable by a regular line-up. All of the solos (for Trumpet, Trombone & Alto) are fully written out, though we have included the chords should your players wish to improvise. This is a very rare chart, & we are delighted to offer it to you. There are no sax doubles. The Trumpet solo is on the 2nd part & the Trombone solo is on the 2nd part. Learn More
  • Chicken Reel

    This is a rare chart from the Glenn Miller Band, which fills and builds to a rousing cliax.  A great little chart trhats good for dancers too. Learn More
  • Ciribiribin

    The solo Trumpet chart by which all others are measured. Though it can also be used as a solo vehicle for Clarinet or Soprano Sax instead. This transription is the 1939 classic in full, from the classically inspired intro, the Mediterranean waltz section, the little Baroque bridge, the Trumpet Cadenza and the fast swing second half.   Duration 2'30". Learn More
  • Danny Boy

    Here is the lovely Danny Boy (Londenderry Air) as played by the Miller Band., this chart features Miller voiced saxes, beautifully balanced muted brass & some delicate piano work which is written out for your pianist in the places that matter.  The lead Trombone is the cameo-featured solo instrument & its range goes quite high - to top C#. Lead Alto is on Clarinet throughout. 2nd Alto doubles Clarinet & the Baritone doubles Bass Clarinet, though we have cued the passage with notes for the Bari in case a Bass Clarinet is unavailable. Learn More
  • Elmer's Tune

    This chart is an absolute vocal classic from Ray Eberie and the Modernaires with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Learn More
  • Happiness is a Thing Called Joe

    BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL CHART. Transcribed from Ralph Burns' original chart written for Frances Wayne/Woody Herman. A lush swing ballad for female vocal. We have adapted the chart to suit a standard 5,4,4,4 line-up with a regular Sax section, though Woody's Clarinet line is taken by Alto 1 on Clarinet throughout. The 1st Trumpet is written to high G in the bridge, but this is cross-cued onto the Clarinet part if your lead can't reach this high. Learn More
  • Hawaiian War Chant

    A classic chart from the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Hawaiian War Chant is a punchy swinger which features Tenor, Trumpet and Drums. We have written all of the original solos out in full, though your players can improvise fromthe chords provided if they wish. The reeds are scored for AATTB, with all players doubling Clarinet and the Bari doubling Alto. We have added Alto cue notes to the Baritone part in the Clarinet doubling passages, in case your Bari player is not a Clarinet player. The brass ranges are not too demanding, with the lead Trumpet only reaching top C and the lead Trombone going to A. Learn More
  • Here Comes Santa Claus Medley

    The arrangement is a two tune medley of Here Comes Santa Claus & Santa Claus is Coming to Town & swings for all of its five minutes. The opening is memorable, there is a solo spot for lead Alto, a surprise change of feel in the middle taken from Sing Sing Sing & Oh Tannenbaum which leads into the second half of the medley. This is a huge chart & not for the faint hearted. Both Altos double Flutes, both Tenors double Clarinets & the Baritone doubles Bass Clarinet, though we have also cued this passage with notes for the Bari in case a Bass Clarinet is unavailable. Learn More
  • Hold Tight

    ANDREW SISTERS BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL CHART. The Andrews Sisters recorded this chart with the Jimmy Dorsey orchestra. Scored for 8 Brass & 5 Saxes rather than the original 5+Clarinet (the Clarinet solo lines are now on Alto 2). The interweaving vocal lines are scored in full. Alto 2 doubles Clarinet. Learn More
  • Home for the Holidays (Duet)

    "Home for the Holidays" is a seasonal chart, written for a Boy/Girl duet, though equally suitable as a solo vocal feature. This classy arrangement from Alan Glasscock moves along with a punchy swing feel, & modulates up chromatically from concert Bb to C. At 2 minutes 20 secs it is not a long chart, but it as long as it needs to be. A fun & festive chart which everyone will enjoy. There are no sax doubles. The 4th trombone is Bass. Learn More
  • I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

    A classic from Ella Fitzgerald, this chart is a faithful transcription, & is nothing at all like the Les Brown / Skippy Martin instrumental version. We have even written out Ella's vocal line so your singer can reproduce the timing & phrasing if she wants. This chart is also a Trumpet feature, & the original solo is fully notated on the 2nd part. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider

    "Ida" is an early Billy May chart for the Glenn Miller orchestra which shows May's fine early writing style at its best. We have scored the male vocal independently from Beneke's original Tenor part, thereby keeping the integrety of the sax section, and have written out his original Tenor solo "as played".  Aside from a 4 measure section by Alto 1 on Clarinet at the end of the chart there are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Jersey Bounce

    This is the Benny Goodman version meticulously transcribed by Alan Glasscock. Mel Powell's harmonics & phrasing in the Piano solo (fully written out, including the super fast runs) was really ahead of its time. The other three solo spots are all here too, written for Tenor 1, Trombone 2 & of course Solo Clarinet. In this recorded version Goodman had the luxury of a complete sax section of AATTB, plus himself. Therefore our chart offers the same. We recognise that not many bands have six saxes, but rest assured that the chart works equally well played with CAATT. The trick with this chart is not to play it too fast. Learn More

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