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  • After Supper

    BIG BAND INSTRUMENTAL. Another beautifully relaxed chart from the Basie Band, featured on the Atomic Mr Basie album.  It features Piano, Tenor & muted Trumpet solos & there are no sax doubles. The brass is muted throughout. Originally written for 7 brass, we have added an optional 4th Trombone part for completeness. The Bass Trombone is on the 3rd part. Listen to the original using the link below Learn More
  • Basie X. P.

    Basie X.P. is an up tempo original from Jon Harpin in true Basie style. Great ensemble scoring coupled with written out Basie style solo for piano. The main  focus of the chart is an extended solo for your Tenor player, conceived as a "romp" a la "Lock Jaw Davis"  in "Whirlybird", & can be as long as desired. The brass ranges are not very demanding, making the chart very playable. Learn More
  • Basie's Blues in C

    A superb original composition from Jon Harpin, featuring your Pianist & Trombone. Basie's Blues is a really laid-back number, but with plenty to interest all your players & any audience. This chart, whilst a tribute to the Count, is scored & voiced in a contemporary way, making it sound rich & full-bodied. It is also around 6 minutes long, so is great value. There is a long Sax passage that will need rehearsal, to get the phrasing & feel right. Learn More
  • Baubles Bangles & Beads

    This version is a straight-ahead Latin (Cha Cha) chart as played by Tito Puente Learn More
  • Black Coffee

    This tune has been performed by many artists over the years, & is a 'must-have' standard in any repertoire. This particular version was done by Julie London & it oozes class. The vocal is sultry, moody, & tells a story of woe. The vocalist is backed sympathetically by the band, & the overall mood is helped by a sleazy Alto solo that winds in & out during the chart. The Trombones are scored for 3 Tenors & a Bass, & the Bass is vital to the arrangement.  There are no Sax doubles, the brass ranges are very moderate & the vocal key is A. Learn More
  • Duet

    Duet is one of the great tracks done for the Basie band by Neil Hefti, from The Atomic Mr Basie album. This is a wonderfully laid back chart featuring two of your trumpet players.Hence the title of the piece. This is a transcription of the original Hefti arrangment, & includes fully transcribed Joe Newman & Thad Jones' solos, scored on Trumper 2 & Trumpet 4, plus the Piano solo & fill-ins. There are no sax doubles. Listen using the link below Learn More
  • Hard Hearted Hannah

    BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL CHART. Hard Hearted Hannah is a showstopper of a female vocal. Big, brassy & with real punch, this chart has been exquisitely transcribed & adopted by Jon Harpin from the Julie London original. Although not long, at two minutes, it is as long as it needs to be. The brass ranges are reasonable, though the lead trumpet does hit a high E, but this is an octave double from the rest of the section & could be taken down. The string lines are re-scored into the saxes with Alto 1 doubling Clarinet. Learn More
  • I Get A Kick Out Of You

    From Sinatra's 1962 Reprise recording, I Get A Kick Out of You has become a Sinatra classic and a much requested tune. Original arrangement by Neal Hefti and his style is clearly apparent. Jon Harpin has produced a superb recreation of the original. Sinatra's vocal line is written out. The chart is technicaly not that difficult, but needs crispness and precision to make it come alive. the Trombones are scored for 3 Tenors and Bass. No Sax doubles. Duration 3:20. Learn More
  • Intermission Riff

    This is the Ted Heath Version of the Ray Wetzel tune. Learn More
  • Lady Is A Tramp, The

    A transcription of the Billy Byers chart as performed by Frank Sinatra backed by Woody Herman at Madison Square Gardens in 1974.  The opening is hinderingly brassy and establishes a great contrast to the quite start of the vocal. The first vocal chorus builds in intensity to the half-step modulation. From here the arrangement powers its way to the finish line, & swings like crazy all the way. This is classic Sinatra. Learn More
  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    The Lincolnshire Poacher is a traditional English song, given the full swing treatment by the Ted Heath band. This chart is up, bouncy & always a crowd pleaser. The chart itself is very straight ahead, though the lead Trombone does go up to a high C briefly. There is a solo spot for Tenor sax (chords also cued on the Tenor 2 part) & there are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Luck Be A Lady

    Adapted from the original Billy May arrangement of Sinatra's Reprise recording, it kicks off with the slow, almost Colla Voce intro, which picks up into a thumping swing chart.  Strings were used in the original recording, which have been re-scored into the band, to make the charge suitable for a 5,4,4,4 line-up. At 5 minutes this is a long chart and makes for a great vocal feature.  Lead Alto doubles Clarinet. Duration 5'15". Learn More
  • Lush Life

    This version is an out-and-out Trumpet feature from the Harry James book. It is as the name suggests - lush, rich, full of wonderful tone & colour - & it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The horns are written as three Tumpets |& Solo Trumpet, & the solo part would suit a player with a big fat tone. The lead Alto doubles Clarinet for just a couple of bars, the 1st Trumpet reaches a high Db briefly on a couple of occasions, & the 1st Trombone gets to high C, though we've cued the 3rd Trumpet just in case. Another masterly transcription from Jon Harpin. Learn More
  • Mercy Mercy Mercy

    A Soul vocal take on Zawinul's Mercy Mercy Mercy, performed  by Nancy Wilson. The emotions behind this vocal are pure Soul.  The arrangement is a perfect showcase for a singer who likes to really get their voice across, & the chart has a nice cameo vocal cadenza flourish at the finish.  This arrangement would suit bands of all levels of ability, providing that you have a strong singer. The vocal key is C & the vocal range in the main tune is only just over the octave, though Nancy Wilson's interpretation takes her into two-octave range territory. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)

    Originally written for the Rat-Packesque film "Robin and Seven Hoods" was Sinatra's theme tune for some 15 years.  Transcribed from Billy May's version from Sinatra at the Sands with the Basie Band.  It's all here - with the successive modulations from F to G to Ab and the powerhouse modal riffs to finish. A winner in any concert or gig.  The lead Alto doubles Flute, but other than this there are no Sax doubles. Duration: 3.00. Learn More
  • New York New York

    One of Sinatra's most enduring hits, and will be immediately familiar to all audiences from the moment that the band kicks off.  Transcribed beautifully by Jon Harpin, this arrangement has all the elements - the slick key change, the shifts in tempo and Sinatra's vocal line in full - making this chart an absolute must have tune.  There are no Sax doubles.  Duration:  3:30. Learn More
  • One Mint Julep

    Here is a grooving latin version from the Xavier Cugat band which features Piano/Keyboard on rock organ. The original organ solo is written out, but your player is free to improvise. The feel is even beat latin but works equally well with a rock/funk feel. If you find it hard to dance to swing charts, this one will get them all on the floor. Learn More
  • Pennies From Heaven

    Frank Sinatra and Count Basie combined brilliantly on their 1962 album "Sinatra-Basie", of which this chart was the title track, arranged by Neal Hefti.  From Basie's opening intro right to the last note this chart was and still is a classic.  Adapted from the original 5 Trumpet 3 Trombone studio line-up, to a more regular 4 4 section.  There are no Sax doubles.  Duration:  3:30 Learn More
  • September In The Rain

    This is our take on the Nelson Riddle chart for Frank Sinatra.The original was written to include strings, & some orchestral woodwind, we have removed these & scored the chart for a  5444 line-up. To maintain the flavour of the original intro, Altos double Flutes &  Tenors double Clarinet. You can kick the chart off from the Trombone entry in the 5th measure.Written out are solo muted Trumpet licks in the first chorous & the vocal part is "as sung" by Sinatra. 4th Trombone is Bass, though playable by a Tenor with out of range notes taken up an octave. Vocal key is D. Learn More
  • Take the A Train

    This is the 1966 Ellington version of Strayhorn's great tune, with Cootie Williams' trumpet solo (written on the 4th part) transcribed in full. This version also features an extended ending, giving more Trumpet solo time. Originally written for four saxes & seven brass, this verision is scored for full sections. An excellent job of transcription by Job Harpin, & a worthy addition to any library. Learn More

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