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  • (our) Love Is Here To Stay

    AUGMENTED BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL. Full strings included. Ella Fitzgerald recorded this arrangement on her Gershwin Songbook album of 1959. Featured is a solo for trumpet 2. We have included an optional synth part so that it may be played without the strings. This has been published directly from the original score and parts. Contents Full Score Vocal 2 Alto Saxophones 2 Tenor Saxophones Baritone Saxophone 4 Trumpets 4 Trombones (4th is Bass) 3 Violins Viola 3 Cello Guitar Piano Bass Drums Synthesizer (optional) Looking for more Music for Strings? Please see our String Orchestra section in "Arrangement Type" found on our home page. Learn More
  • Blue Moon

    This swinging Nelson Riddle arrangement comes from Frank Sinatra's "Swingin' Session and More" record. In typical Riddle fashion, the chart begins with a memorable introduction and then the vocals enter with great rhythmic figures in the sax section and a familiar baritone sax line. Then the brass enter for the second A section and the chart really gets going. There is a tenor sax solo (over the first two A sections) that has been written out in full. The chord changes have been included as well in the event that your player wants to improvise instead. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • How About You?

    In 1955/56 Frank Sinatra went into the Capitol Studio with Nelson Riddle and recorded one of the best and most famous albums of all time:"Songs for Swingin' Lovers". We are proud to offer the closing track of that disc.This classic version  is a particularly famous arrangement crafted by the brilliant  Nelson Riddle to suit a big band vocal lineup. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • It Happened in Monterey

    Late in 1955 and early i1956 Frank Sinatra went into the Capitol Studio with Nelson Riddle and recorded one of the best and most famous albums of all-time:"Songs For Swingin' Lovers". From the opening straight-eight melody to the triplets tossed between sections, this chart is instantly recognisable. This has been adapted to suit a big band lineup. Learn More
  • Mean To Me

    Another first rate chart from the Ella Fitzgerald/Nelson Riddle team, transcribed from the "Ella Swings Brightly with Nelson" album & full of lush harmonic structure. Whilst it is a real vocal feature, the big, fat instrumental passages also features a couple of improvised Tenor solo spots. We have written the vocal line "as sung" by Ella, including her beautifully crafted final chorus vocal line. The vocal keys are C modulating to Db, & there are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Old MacDonald

    Nelson Riddle took this simple children's nursery rhyme & created a swinging masterpiece.The chart opens in the key of E & modulates chromatically to the final key of A all the while adding layers of backing from the band.Rhythm, then Saxes, then Trombones, then add some solo Trumpet fills, then the full band.Brass ranges are quite high F#2, 2nd to high F# in one of the "as played" solo fills & lead Trombone to B. We have written out the Piano line for the first 16 measures. No sax doubles. Learn More
  • Our Love is Here to Stay

    Big Band Vocal - Frank Sinatra. This arrangement begins with a short piano intro (written out, but your pianist can improvise something comparable).The string parts have been scored into the band (mostly in the sax section). The ranges are modest. The chart features some nice harmon muted trumpet as solo and backing vocals. These solos have been fully written out for trumpet 2 as well as the chord changes should your player want to improvise something comparable. The vocals enter at measure 5 with the brass in cup mutes. Learn More
  • Summer Wind

    Big Band Vocal - Frank Sinatra. This is a very straight-forward chart with no big surprises. The trick is to get that laid-back, Basie-style, swing feel. The tempo is approximately 92 bpm. The ranges are very comfortable, but the vocals go through several modulations: D flat to E flat to F. This is just another great, must-have Sinatra chart that your audience will love! Learn More
  • Swingin' Down The Lane

    Studio Orchestra Vocal - Frank Sinatra. Well, here is one of the most recognizable arrangements from the Sinatra/Riddle collaborations. This brilliant arrangement was recorded on the Songs for Swingin' Lovers album. This studio orchestra arrangement features a full big band with strings and harp. The altos and tenors double flute and the baritione saxophone doubles bass clarinet. Piano is on celeste at the beginning of the arrangement. This is in the key of E, and, as such, the brass and reeds will need some time to adjust to the quantity of sharps and flats in the key signatures. This has been published from the original parts and is licensed from Frank Sinatra Enterprises, LLC. Learn More
  • Taking a Chance on Love

    Another chart from the Sinatra Riddle 1954 album "Swing Easy". After just a three note intro we're right into the chart, with the rhythm section providing a very structured backing to the first 16 measures of the vocal chorus. We have written these parts "as played.Most of the band backings are carried by the reeds & trombones, with the trumpets mostly providing muted background figures. We have scored this chart for 5/4/4/4, with the 4th trombone a Bass. There are no sax doubles,  vocal keys are Bb, modulating to B for the final chorus. Learn More
  • Too Marvelous For Words

    This definitive version is a very famous chart crafted by the brilliant Nelson Riddle. Instantly recognizable from the first few notes.This has been adapted to suit a big band lineup. There are tenor 1 & 2 double on clarinet and alto 1 & 2 double on flute. Alternate parts have been included that do not require doubles. Learn More
  • When You're Smiling

    This chart has been transcribed from the Nelson Riddle arrangement as performed by Frank Sinatra, and is true to the original. We have made a couple of minor adjustments to make it playable by a standard 5444 line up. Backing string lines are scored into the Trumpets (muted) & the Trombone section has been augmented to 4 voices. We have written out the muted Trumpet solo fills, & the important Drum licks and kicks. After an 8 measure intro, it's a vocal feature throughout, backed by some  cool & swinging writing for the blowers. Vocal key is Ab modulating to A halfway through. No sax doubles. Learn More

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