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  • A Horse With No Name

    BIG BAND INSTRUMENTAL. This is a simple swing-feel chart with a very catchy melody and very modest ranges. A flexible solo section can be used for all players, any groupings, or an individual solo. Learn More
  • Down To The Nightclub

    From the group Tower of Power, this funky chart hits the mark. At 180 BPM, the chart includes solos for tenor, trombone, or guitar, with a lead trumpet range to written high C. Lots of ensemble, too! (2:47) Learn More
  • King of Pop

    This medley is loaded with three great Michael Jackson songs and is guaranteed to be a hit.  "Bad" and "Beat It" have basic rock grooves and "The Girl Is Mine" has a pop-tune feel. Learn More
  • Open Arms

    Check out this ever popular ballad from the journey group.  Features include written meoldy solo for 1st  trumpet, no improvised solos.  All the usual optional parts are included.  A clssy chart on a wonderful pop tune Learn More
  • Perdido

    Mambo ! Arranger Victor Lopez has masterfully intertwined a mambo and a swing feel in this great Juan Tizol classic.  Includes written tenor sax solo, lead trumpet range to writtn A, a brief sax soli, and lots of excitement thoughout. Learn More
  • The Jazz Police

    It's hot !  A Jazz-rock adaption of Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band chart for the young band. The driving bass and funky lines will engage the band, the audience and you Learn More
  • Wizard Wheeze

    The magic of Harry Potter comes to jazz section! This big-band arrangement is a tribute to Harry’s favourite wizard joke shop, the Wizard Wheezes. A bonus track on the soundtrack for the sixth film, treat your jazz ensemble to this swingin Victor López arrangement. Learn More

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