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  • 920 Special

    Version taken from the 1960's & forms part of our Basie series ready for his Centenary in 2004. It features some great sectional work & interplay between Saxes & Trumpets throughout the chart. This chart features solo space for Alto, Trumpet & Tenor, plus we have written out Count Basie's piano solos & fills for you, though your pianist can always improvise from the chords. No sax doubles. Learn More
  • Aces and Faces

    As part of our expanding Basie series, we are delighted to offer you the very rarely heard Aces & Faces, a medium swing tempo chart from the Basie band of 1945, featuring the Trumpet section. There are ad-lib solos for Piano, Clarinet, Tenor 1 (cued on 2), Trumpet 2 (cued on 1,3 & 4) & Trombone 1 (cued on 2) too.  This chart will make a refreshing addition to any library, & it is very playable, provided you have soloists who can improvise! Lead Alto doubles Clarinet. Learn More
  • After Supper

    BIG BAND INSTRUMENTAL. Another beautifully relaxed chart from the Basie Band, featured on the Atomic Mr Basie album.  It features Piano, Tenor & muted Trumpet solos & there are no sax doubles. The brass is muted throughout. Originally written for 7 brass, we have added an optional 4th Trombone part for completeness. The Bass Trombone is on the 3rd part. Listen to the original using the link below Learn More
  • All Of Me

    This version is a transcription of Basie's perfomance from the "Sinatra at the Sands" album and it differs slightly from the great Billy Byers studio version of the chart. The chart must be taken at a laid-back pace and your band needs to observe the written dynamics and articulations in order to achive the right feel. Learn More
  • April In Paris

    This version of April in Paris has been lovingly assembled from a number of recordings done by the Basie band of this fabulous Wild Bill Davis chart, and has a richer, lusher, more authentic feel than previous / current offerings published by other companies. We have taken down the Henderson Chambers' Trombone solo (on Bass Bone, but cross cued on the other parts), and the stunning Phil Guilbeau Trumpet solo (written out), both from Basie's Sept.1965 London concert. The Trumpet solo in particular is in a different league to Basie's early "pop goes the weasel" version, though your player can improvise from the chords provied too. We have included the "one moe time" ending too, should you wish to tease the crowds. This chart will not disappoint. Learn More
  • Avenue C

    Here is Avenue C in all its glory. A rousing flat-out swing chart. This chart powers from start to finish & is great for both concert work & swing dancing. We have faithfully transcribed all of the instrumental solos (2 tenors, trumpet, trombone & piano), & have included all phrsing marks, articulations & dynamics. This is a truly rare chart from the Basie band at the height of its power. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Basie Boogie

    Basie Boogie is, as its name might suggest, an up-tempo Piano feature that swings from top to toe. Like many of Basie's charts, the arrangement evolved over time, but this version is from the original recording.We have written out the Piano part in full to include the licks & fills & the boogie-woogie left hand patterns, though your player can improvise from the chords if needs be. The band parts are not demanding, & fairly sparse, leaving the Pianist all the space needed to do his thing. A rare chartg & a real gem. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Beaver Junction

    Beaver Junction is another classic swing chart from the Basie Band. Written by Harry Edison, this chart whilst still being a punchy swing tune, shows the way for others such as Cute, where unison muted Trumpets take the melody. There are a couple of fine Sax soli passages in this arrangement, a small cameo solo for Trumpet 2 & the Basie piano intro that became something of a hallmark. Not technically difficult, this chart requires precision & good section work to do it justice. Great for dancing or concert work. No sax doubles. Learn More
  • Blues On The Double

    Blues on the Double is a very rare Count Basie chart. Written by Buck Clayton & generally more associated with the Ellington band, this Basie version swings harder & offers more solo opportunities for Alto, Trumpet & Tenor. Perhaps unusually for a Basie chart there is no solo spot for Piano, though you could swap for a Sax solo if you wished. The chart is as per the recording sample, except that the Trumpet solo is swapped for a Clarinet solo instead. There are no written sax doubles. This is a driving up-temp swing dance chart. Learn More
  • Broadway

    A timeless classic swing chart from the Basie band that sits in the groove from start to finish. The chart features solos for Tenor, Trumpets 2 & 3 and Piano. All solos are written out in full "as played", though your players can improvise their own from the chords provided, if preferred. All of Basie's solos and fills are written out too, for extra authenticity. The Brass ranges are modest, with lead Trumpet only up to B and lead Trombone to Gb, making the chart playable by bands of all abilities. Learn More
  • Corner Pocket

    Written by the unsung hereo of the Count Basie band, Freddie Green & it's title is a reference to the place that Green called his own - the corner pocket of the rhythm section.We have transcribed this chart from the "Basie in London" album but have adapted the chart slightly to make it suitable for 8 brass. There are ad-lib solo spots from Trumpets 1&2 & Tenor 1. Basie's piano solos are written out "as-played" as is the last 8 measures of the lead Trumpet solo because it suggests the theme for the final shout chorus at the end of the piece.. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Cute

    Cute is one of the great tracks from the Hefti band of the 1950's & one of a series written & arranged for the band by Neil Hefti similar to that found on The Atomic Mr. Basie album. This is the original Hefti arrangement & not a transcription, & makes a nice show spot for your drummer. There is not a full score with this arrangement, though a Conductor lead sheet is included. A great tune. Listen to a live recording by Basie using link below Learn More
  • Dickie's Dream

    Dickie's Dream named after Basie's outstanding Trombonist Dicky Wells, was first recorded in 1939 as a 7-piece featuring Wells, Buck Clayton & Lester Young, backed by the All American Rhythm section. The tune evolved over time until Basie recorded the version that we offer here. This chart features Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor & Piano, interspersed with backing phrases from the rest of the band. All four of the solos are written out as played by the Basie band, though we have included the chords should your players wish to improvise. No sax doubles. Learn More
  • Duet

    Duet is one of the great tracks done for the Basie band by Neil Hefti, from The Atomic Mr Basie album. This is a wonderfully laid back chart featuring two of your trumpet players.Hence the title of the piece. This is a transcription of the original Hefti arrangment, & includes fully transcribed Joe Newman & Thad Jones' solos, scored on Trumper 2 & Trumpet 4, plus the Piano solo & fill-ins. There are no sax doubles. Listen using the link below Learn More
  • Every Tub

    Another flat-out swing chart from the earlier days of the Count Basie band.  Every Tub is a quick swing chart featuring Tenor sax, Trumpet & Piano, with loads of visual possibilities too, as much of the Brass ensemble work uses plungers/fan  hats. We have written out all of the original solos, though your players can improvise over the chords if they wish. The brass ranges are moderate & there are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Flight of the Foo Birds

    Flight of the Foo Birds is one of the great tracks from the Basie band of the 1950's & one of a series done for the band by Neil Hefti, to be found on The Atomic Mr Basie album. This is a transcription of the original arrangement, & includes fully transcribed Trumpet, Alto & Tenor solos, plus the Piano fill-ins & even the 2 bar drum solo leading into the shout chorus. This chart really swings. Listen using the link below Learn More
  • I Left My Heart in San Francisco

    This arrangement is based on a 1960's Basie instrumental version, in the Neal Hefti style. It is a laid-back, relaxed swinger, mostly in ensemble but with nice counterpoint passages of unison Altos & Trumpets against Tenors & Trombones. The tenor solo can be played as written or improvised, depending on your preference. Likewise with the little Piano fills and licks. Learn More
  • Jingle Bells

    On a warm, July day in 1961 Ernie Wilkins came to Count Basie gig at Birdland with a newly completed manuscript in his hand. Despite the fact that it was the middle of summer the band played it. This chart has been transcribed from the live recording. Basie starts off with a 64-bar solo based on an 8-bar chord progression. In the studio version there are only 16 bars upfront. Basie's piano intro from the studio recording has been written out as it serves the chart well. Chord changes for the tenor sax solo have been included rather than writing out the solo. There are no sax doubles. Learn More

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  • Jumpin' at the Woodside

    This Count Basie version is fast, furious and it's fun. We have written the original solo's "as played", though your players could improvise from the chords.  This chart is a great opportunity for your players to showcase their talents Learn More
  • Lester Leaps In

    First recorded in September 1939, in the same session as Dickie's Dream, Lester Leaps In is a milestone chart which showcased the phenomenal talent of Lester Young. The arrangement evolved over time, easing in tempo, lengthening & gathering more band backing, until we arrive at this version. This chart simply swings from start to finish. We have transcribed all of the tenor solos, also the piano solos & bass line too, though chords are provided on the parts should your players wish to improvise. If you have a star tenor you wish to spotlight then Lester Leaps In is a perfect choice. There are no sax doubles. Learn More

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