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  • Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye

    Here is a really rich and lush arrangement of Cole Porter's beautiful ballad. Written for female vocal, the chart was in part inspired by Ella Fitzgerald's rendition in her Songbook album, but is not a transcription of that particular version. After a short intro the singer takes the first chorus, backed by woodwind and muted brass. The saxes take a soli, backed by Trombones, and then the bones take their soli backed by muted Trumpets. The vocalist returns and rounds the whole thing off. In the reeds Alto 1 doubles Flute, Alto 2 and both Tenors double Clarinet. However, we have printed the A2, T1 & T2 parts double-sided, with a "no Clarinet double" option on the reverse. The vocal key is Bb throughout. Learn More
  • (our) Love Is Here To Stay

    AUGMENTED BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL. Full strings included. Ella Fitzgerald recorded this arrangement on her Gershwin Songbook album of 1959. Featured is a solo for trumpet 2. We have included an optional synth part so that it may be played without the strings. This has been published directly from the original score and parts. Contents Full Score Vocal 2 Alto Saxophones 2 Tenor Saxophones Baritone Saxophone 4 Trumpets 4 Trombones (4th is Bass) 3 Violins Viola 3 Cello Guitar Piano Bass Drums Synthesizer (optional) Looking for more Music for Strings? Please see our String Orchestra section in "Arrangement Type" found on our home page. Learn More
  • A-Tisket A-Tasket

    Big Band Girl Vocal . A-Tisket A-Tasket was a hit for Ella Fitzgerald during her time with the Chick Webb band, & remains one of her most memorable charts. Klaus Lessmann has produced a classy transcription of this chart & had adapted it for a full band line-up. Everything is here, including the band answer-back vocals. Both the sax & the brass sections get to have a go! All articulations are clearly marked & the vocal sheet is as per Ella's performance. Learn More
  • Accentuate the Positive

    BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL. This stunning Ella Fitzgerald chart is a classic.  The arreangement is as the original, except that we have simplified the sax lines behind the opening verse and made a small Trumpet voicing change in the second measure. Learn More
  • Anything Goes

    This arrangement of Anything goes is scored as a female vocal, very much in the style of Ella Fitzgerald. The intro features the rarely heard verse before moving into swing tempo at a medium 120 beats per minute, with muted brass backing the first vocal chorus. The second chorus is led by the saxes, followed by a full ensemble leading to the vocal return for the middle eight to the end of the chorus, with a brief ensemble shout to finish. The saxes are scored to double Flute, Clarinets and Bass Clarinet for the intro, though all parts have cues for saxes which allows the chart to be played by a regular AATTB section with no doubles. Brass ranges are very moderate, with lead Trumpet to a written A and lead Trombone to G. The vocal key is Gm / G major. Learn More
  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    This tune was recorded by Ella for her Harold Arlen songbook album, with the original arrangement scored by Billy May. We have adapted the chart to a full 5444 line-up (from the original 5114) though have kept the feel and flavor true to the original. Billy May chose an innovative set of chord changes for his chart which are significantly different from Harold Arlen's concept. The result is that the chart is cool yet progressive and, whilst the band notes are easy, it will need to be sung very confidently, as the vocal line doesn't immediately sit very naturally against the band backings. It will require a bit of practice. We have written Ella's vocal line "as sung", including the scat passage towards the close of the chart. The vocal key is Bb throughout, and there are no sax doubles. The original Vibe solo is replaced by Piano ad-lib. Learn More
  • Cheek to Cheek

    Ella Fitzgerald Big Band Vocal Chart. This a transcription of the original Paul Weston chart. The vocal part is written "as sung" by Ella Fitzgerald. Learn More
  • Christmas Song (Ella)

    This is our transcription of Ella Fitzgerald's wonderful rendition of The Christmas Song, also known as Chestnuts Roasting. This chart is scored for vocal solo, 5 saxes, rhythm and optional vibraphone only. We have also included a solo Trumpet part in lieu of the vibes. This is an easy chart to play and will be instantly recognised and appreciated by every audience. There are no sax doubles and the vocal line is scored "as sung" by Ella. The vocal key is Ab throughout. Learn More
  • Fascinatin Rhythm

    This chart has been transcribed and adapted from the original Nelson Riddle arrangement written for Ella's Gershwin Songbook album. We have removed the string lines and written the chart for a standard 5444 band line-up. Ella's vocal lines have been notated "as sung", and we have even included the drum licks and fills that add so much flavor to the arrangement. There are no sax doubles and the vocal key is Ab throughout. Learn More
  • I Got the Sun in the Morning

    The Irving Berlin standard in a bright straight ahead arrangement by Cy Payne. A full band intro gives a firm lead for the vocalist. Usual big band line up,plus optional 3 Flutes, 3 Bb Clarinets and Horn in F. This title is ideal for bands with very limited brass as the flutes and clarinets double up on the trumpets and trombones. Learn More
  • I Said No

    Ella Fitzgerald Big Band Vocal Chart. Opening with a short Colla Voce, the chart moves smoothly into a relaxed swing, with subtle backings from the band throughout. A bridge leads to the half-step up modulation with muted Trumpet infills. A change to a more bluesy feel follows and the swing increases, with the bass now walking & the drummer using sticks. Learn More
  • I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

    A classic from Ella Fitzgerald, this chart is a faithful transcription, & is nothing at all like the Les Brown / Skippy Martin instrumental version. We have even written out Ella's vocal line so your singer can reproduce the timing & phrasing if she wants. This chart is also a Trumpet feature, & the original solo is fully notated on the 2nd part. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Isn't It a Lovely Day

    Ella Fitzgerald Big Band Girl Vocal Chart. From the Irving Berlin Song Book a relaxed swing ballad as recorded by Ella Fitzgerald. Our Cy Payne arrangement includes optional flute and synth. strings. Learn More
  • Let Yourself Go

    BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL. This is a really cool swinger, as recorded by Ella on "Irvin Berlin Songbook" the pace is relaxed yet punchy. Learn More
  • Manhattan

    BIG BAND GIRL VOCAL - Ella Fitzgerald. The original Buddy Bergman arrangement was scored for strings, orchestral woodwind, harp, percuss. and rhythm. Our version uses the same counter melodic lines, but scored for a regular 5/4/4/4 big band instead, saxes & trombs. taking most of the original string lines. The vocal is as sung by Ella, in the key of Bb. Learn More
  • Mean To Me

    Another first rate chart from the Ella Fitzgerald/Nelson Riddle team, transcribed from the "Ella Swings Brightly with Nelson" album & full of lush harmonic structure. Whilst it is a real vocal feature, the big, fat instrumental passages also features a couple of improvised Tenor solo spots. We have written the vocal line "as sung" by Ella, including her beautifully crafted final chorus vocal line. The vocal keys are C modulating to Db, & there are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Somebody Loves Me

    Somebody Loves Me has been transcribed by Jon Harpin from the original Nelson Riddle chart as sung by Ella Fitzgerald on the Gershwin Songbook album. This is a medium tempo swing chart which, aside from a sixteen measure passage in the middle, is an out-and-out vocal feature which will require good discipline and playing accuracy from your band to do it justice. The vocal line is written "as-sung" by Ella, and we have written out the cameo Trumpet solo as well as the drum licks and fills. There are no sax doubles and the vocal key is Bb throughout. Learn More
  • Soon

    Soon has been beautifully transcribed and adapted by Jon Harpin from the original Nelson Riddle chart featured on Ella Fitzgerald's Gershwin Songbook album.The strings have been removed and rescored into the band, making the chart playable by a standard 5444 line-up. As a consequence your Alto 1 player is required to double on Clarinet. The vocal part is written "as sung" by Ella, and even all of the little drum licks and fills are written in, to help your band recreate an authentic performance. This is a rare chart of an underplayed Gershwin melody, and as such should give your singer an opportunity to perform something that's just a little bit different. The vocal key is Ab, modulating to A for the final half-chorus. Learn More
  • That Old Black Magic

    Ella Fitzgerald recorded this song many times in her career, and we offer you what we feel to be her finest version, from the 1960 Billy May collaboration album "Sings the Harold Arlen Songbook". This chart is just great all the way through. The blasting band chorus includes the fully written out Tenor solo. This chart is simply a must have for any big band library. Learn More
  • The Very Thought of You

    The Very Thought of You is the Ella Fitzgerald version. Originally arranged by Nelson Riddle, it is transcribed and adapted by Jon Harpin. This chart featured on the "Ella Swings Gently With Nelson" album. Although the original was scored with strings, we have removed the string parts and written them into the band, making the chart playable with a regular 5/4/4/4 line up. Please note that separate string parts are not available. The Trombones are written fairly high in the intro, with the lead expected to pick a high C out of the air in the 3rd measure. Therefore we have cued the Trombone lines onto the Trumpet parts in the intro, to make things a bit easier. The muted Trumpet solo is written out 'as played', though your player can improvise a solo from the chords provided too. There are no sax doubles, and the vocal key is Eb. Learn More

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