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  • B-19

    B-19 is a driving swing number, clearly taking some influences from tunes such as Sing Sing Sing & Bizet Has His Day & the chart has a raw & angry feel about it, as one might expect from a tune whose name is that of a famous aircraft. Being a Harry James chart there is naturally a big solo spot for Trumpent (HJ's chorus is fully written out on the 2nd Trumpet part) & we have transcribed the Tenor solo too. The original was recorded by HJ with a string section. However, we have modified the arrangement & written the strings back into the Saxes & given a solo spot to 1st Trombone. Learn More
  • Cherry

    Cherry is a classic from the Harry James Orchestra & a great chart for showcasing one of your Trumpet players. The original arrangement was done with strings, but we have replaced the string lines with saxes, to make the chart playable by a regular line-up. All of the solos (for Trumpet, Trombone & Alto) are fully written out, though we have included the chords should your players wish to improvise. This is a very rare chart, & we are delighted to offer it to you. There are no sax doubles. The Trumpet solo is on the 2nd part & the Trombone solo is on the 2nd part. Learn More
  • Ciribiribin

    The solo Trumpet chart by which all others are measured. Though it can also be used as a solo vehicle for Clarinet or Soprano Sax instead. This transription is the 1939 classic in full, from the classically inspired intro, the Mediterranean waltz section, the little Baroque bridge, the Trumpet Cadenza and the fast swing second half.   Duration 2'30". Learn More
  • I Had the Craziest Dream

    I Had the Craziest Dream is a romantic floaty ballad, sung by Helen Forest, & which also features a James' trademark trumpet solo. This chart was originally recorded with big band plus string section, & some additional orchestral backing. We have modified the arrangement by removing the strings & extra instruments, to make it suitable for a standard 5, 4, 4, 4 line-up. Therefore both Alto Saxes double Clarinet, & the French Horn solo lines have been re-assigned to Trombone 1, with an upper range of high C. Harry James' solo is written out in full. Learn More
  • I'll Be Seeing You

    If you are looking for a first rate ballad trumpet feature, look no further.  This Harry James chart is a cracker.The intro is written in 3:4 time and although this time signature is not strictly accurate, it makes playing the intro for piano and bass much easier.  This chart is big, fat and lush ! Learn More
  • I've Heard That Song Before

    Transcribed from the Harry James recording by Cy Payne Learn More
  • It's Been a Long Long Time

    A beautiful vocal ballad from the great co-operative writing team of Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne, this chart was made famous by Harry James & features your lead Trumpet, lead Alto & naturally your singer too. We have written out HJ's solo & Willie Smith's alto solo in full, & have kept the chart true to the James original, with the exception of re-scoring the string lines back into the saxes.  The vocal key is C & there are no Sax doubles. Learn More
  • James Session

    James Session is a big swing chart that features Trumpet, Drums, Trombone & Alto Sax. HJ recorded his chart in 1942 & again in 1955. We have concentrated on the later version, though we have used the Trombone solo from the 42 recording. We have also shortened the final Trumpet cadenza &  added in the ending from the earlier version to bring the chart to a positive close. HJ's lead line & Willie Smiths' Alto solos are fully written out, as are the first 100 measures of the Cadenza as played by HJ. This is a raw energy packed piece, great for dancing or concert work. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Lush Life

    This version is an out-and-out Trumpet feature from the Harry James book. It is as the name suggests - lush, rich, full of wonderful tone & colour - & it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The horns are written as three Tumpets |& Solo Trumpet, & the solo part would suit a player with a big fat tone. The lead Alto doubles Clarinet for just a couple of bars, the 1st Trumpet reaches a high Db briefly on a couple of occasions, & the 1st Trombone gets to high C, though we've cued the 3rd Trumpet just in case. Another masterly transcription from Jon Harpin. Learn More
  • Music Makers

    This chart is at heart a Trumpet sectional feature though not at the difficulty level of say Trumpet Blues & Cantabile. The Tenor solo is written in full & is best played as originally written. The lead trumpet is written to a high F in the closing run, but the line can be taken down an octave without detracting from the finish, which then makes the required lead range a top Eb. Learn More
  • September Song

    An unusual arrangement of this jazz standard from the Harry James Orchestra. Slow, bluesy & laid back, the chart opens with the Bari & Bass in unison, with tightly muted Trumpets over, then the Saxes layer in with a smooth contrapuntal line, then the unison Trombones pick up the melody over the same underlying Bari/Bass figures. There follows a truly inventive bridge, a tutti chorus in swing time & then Harry's soaring solo which we have written out in full.  Then everything calms down & returns to the opening theme at the end. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Sleepy Lagoon

    Although composed originally as a waltz, this version from the Harry James orchestra is firmly in 4:4 time. Alan Glasscock has transcribed this chart beautifully, & has re-scored the string lines into the band, making this chart playable as with a standard 5,4,4,4 line up. The arrangement features Trumpet, and also a solo spot for Trombone. This is a really lush, fat tune, full of dynamic contrast & soaring modulations. There are some Sax doubles too, both Altos use Clarinets, Baritone doubles Alto & Lead Alto has a toot of Flute in the intro. Learn More
  • Strictly Instrumental

    A hit for the Harry James Orchestra, this transcription is taken from HJ's 1955 studio recording. It is a medium tempo Trumpet & Tenor feature that just grooves along at a relaxed pace, with a bluesy laid-back feel. We have written out HJ's Trumpet solo in full, but have left the Tenor solo open for improvisation by your player. The Brass ranges call for Trumpets 3 & 4 to reach high Bb & Trombones to reach high A in the unison passages, though the feel of the chart will not be lost if some of the players drop down an octave. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • Struttin' With Some Barbecue

    This tune was written by Louis Armstrong & used by him as his theme tune for a number of years. This version is from the Harry James book, & is not only a great Trumpet feature, but a really rare chart too. It has a lilting two-beat feel that swings like crazy from start to finish. The 1st Trumpet has the solo lead, the solo is written out in full & there is a ripping Sax soli where your players need to stand up & show themselves off a bit. There are no sax doubles.  A fabulous transcription from Australian legend John Ferguson. Learn More
  • Trumpet Blues & Cantabile

    A rip-snorting swing chart from the Harry James book. Trumpet Blues opens with a short band fanfare in half-time, & then breaks into a driving swing boogie. The middle half-time Cantabile provides the contrast, but breaks back into swing boogie for the last choruses. A feature for your trumpet section, but be warned that they will need a few minutes to recover afterwards. You will need a good Trumpet section to play this arrangment. It is in the original Key of Bb, and modulates to D for the end choruses. Learn More
  • Two O'Clock Jump

    This version of Two O'Clock Jump is from the James band of the 1950's, & has a much more relaxed & laid back feel then the original version. This number is great for swing dancing & grooved from start to finish. The opening Piano & Trumpet solos are written out for you, & the 12 bar Piano solo is from chords. We didn't write in the Piano solo from the earlier version, as it was inappropriate. This chart is graded 5 moderately difficult mainly because of the high Trumpet triplet runs which go from high Eb on the 2nd part, with the 8va option written onto the other 3 parts too. There are no sax doubles. Learn More
  • You Made Me Love You

    This is the Harry James version of You Made Me Love You & has a Trumpet feature.  We have scored this version for a regular 5444 line-up & have removed the strings & written their lines back into the band.The sax parts are printed double sided. One side is the version calling for all saxes to double clarinets (bari on bass clari)as per the HJ original.The other side is scored for a regular AATTB section no clarinet doubles.Trumpets are scored for solo, 1,2,3. We have written 4 trombone parts to fill out the section as HJ only used 3. Learn More

17 Item(s)

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