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  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    This slow swing is the ideal chart for the holidays.  It features no improvised solo, but has written trumpet melody solo, lead trumpet range to written top G of the staff, and is technically a very easy chart to play Learn More
  • Hit the Bricks

    If you want to play Gordon Goodwin charts but they are too challenging, check this one out! Composed and arranged by Gordon, himself, this funky chart is totally hot! Lead trumpet range is to written G on top of the staff, written-out solos are for alto, tenor, bari, trumpet, and trombone, along with backgrounds on cue, plus optional parts. Learn More
  • I Can't Get No Satifaction

    BIG BAND INSTRUMENTAL. This Rolling Stones rock classic will be a huge hit with band and audience.  Easy to rehearse and perform, with well written solos for trumpet and trombone. Learn More
  • I Could Write a Book

    Have a jazz vocal group or quartet? Here is a stunning chart arranged by Darmon Meader, the musical director and chief arranger of the jazz vocal group, New York Voices. I Could Write a Book is scored for SATB and jazz ensemble and includes a solo female/solo male part for added flexibility. The vocal quartet arrangement and the jazz ensemble chart are both superb. Solo vocal ranges: female part---G below middle C to top space E; male---D below middle C to G above treble staff. Check out this outstanding chart! (4:43) Learn More
  • In Your Own Sweet Way

    Show off your rythmn section on this great tune arranged with an easy swing feel. Solos are for bass, piano (written out ) and drums.  There a wonder shout chorus that trades with the drums and plenty of beautiful harmony thoughout. Learn More
  • It's All Right With Me

    Arranger Dave Rivello treats this great tune as a jazz waltz. It has great energy, a rich texture, contemporary harmony, an alto 1 solo (written-out) and lead trumpet range is to written A above the staff. Everyone will get some musical action in this meaty chart. Quality writing. (3:16) Learn More
  • Jazz Hero

    This simple Latin-rock chart will do your band proud!  A minor-sounding introduction brings the band in on the major-chord melody, and then the sections trade back and forth Learn More
  • Jazzmin Tea

    Jazzmin Tea is a lilting 3/4 original by Vince Gassi that will introduce your band to the joy of a jazz waltz. A flowing melody with a bounce, easy brass ranges, written-out solos for alto 2 (cued for 1st) and 1st trumpet, plus the usual optional parts, are a few of the ingredients in your cup of jazz waltz tea. Learn More
  • Just In Time

    A swingin' vocal chart on a great standard at a moderate tempo by one of the best arrangers.  There is a written-out alto sax solo in the instrumental interlude section.  This chart is arranged in two different keys for flexibility Learn More
  • Killer Joe

    Lisa DeSpain steps a little outside the box with this very clever and original treatment of this well known jazz standard.  Thie chart will mezmerise you yet swing all the way Learn More
  • King of Pop

    This medley is loaded with three great Michael Jackson songs and is guaranteed to be a hit.  "Bad" and "Beat It" have basic rock grooves and "The Girl Is Mine" has a pop-tune feel. Learn More
  • Lady Mac

    Bluesy waltz with piano, flugelhorn and alto solos. Challenging ensemble parts. Learn More
  • Lazy Bird

    This very hip tine customized for the young player is tamed masterfully to keep the essence while still accessable to young bands.  Easy ranges, written solos for alto,trumpet and trombone, plus all the optional parts you expect Learn More
  • Little Sunflower

    Jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard has sadly passed on, but his wonderful music lives in this masterfully- arranged haunting melody with an alternating bossa and light funk groove. Solos are written for piano, trumpet, and tenor sax, with modest brass ranges, and a sweet shout chorus. Learn More
  • Love For Sale

    Check out Alan Baylock, one of the finest writers on the scene today. Alan's hip chart for Cole Porter's Love for Sale starts off with bari, bass trombone, and bass handling the melody and it goes upwards and onwards from there. Jazz solos for alto 1 and trumpet 2. Lead trumpet to written D, bone to A-flat. Energy galore, full ensemble, contrapuntal lines, solos, solis - you name it, this fine chart has it. Love for Sale screams festival. Learn More
  • Major Thoroughfare

    A swing chart with a drum cadence street beat, Jeff Darrohn brings a military flavour to this chart. With unusual yet catchy melody, you'll like this original that features written solos available for altos, tenors, trumpet, or trombone. Learn More
  • Makin' Whoopee

    Bass 'bone players can count on one hand the good charts available for their instrument. Well, here is one of the best, arranged by Dave Wolpe. A medium-swing feel, this showcase will bring the best out in your bass trombone player with no improvisation, just written melody. There is some (written-out) jazz for 2nd trumpet in harmony mute, and the lead trumpet has a unison line to written high E. A nice sax soli is the icing on this cake. An outstanding feature chart. (3:23) Learn More
  • Mr.P.C.

    BIG BAND. Composed by jazz legend John Coltrane and arranged for young players by Terry White, expect this classic swing jazz tune to be a hit with everyone. A simple minor blues that has easy ranges and rhythms, written-out solos for 1st alto, 1st trumpet, and 1st trombone, and optional parts if desired Learn More
  • My Foolish Heart

    "My Foolish Heart" is a gorgeous ballad feature for alto saxophone. Arranged by Dave Rivello, this chart is lush with beautiful textures but very accessible to the Grade 3 level. Lead trumpet range is to written A above the staff, and everything is written-out for the alto sax soloist. Very Kenton-ish! This title is available in SmartMusic. Learn More
  • Naima

    Tranquil and pastoral, Michael Card's song is like an aural painting of Psalm 23 and Phil Perkins' arrangement frames it gracefully. No word or note seems out of place. It is easily learned and the anthem includes an optional solo flute part for performance with the artful keyboard accompaniment. Learn More

Items 21 to 40 of 70 total

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