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  • Sky Dive

    This tune is from the golden years of Freddie's music, with a latin groove and a minor flavour Learn More
  • Softly As In A Morning Sunrise

    This arrangement of the standard Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise really cooks! Dave Rivello’s hot Latin and swing chart will excite and challenge the band. Solos are written out or ad lib for alto sax and trombone plus drum and optional percussion. Lead trumpet range is to written B-flat above the staff. Energy! This title is available in SmartMusic. Learn More
  • Sticks

    Oh, yeah---this great chart cooks at around 170 BPM. With a straight-eighth note groove, everything written out, trumpet 1 range to written G on top of the staff, and a big juicy shout chorus, you've got it all. (3:47) Learn More
  • Strong Like a Bull

    This spanish-flavoured tune has a march-like groove that creates a very powerful, exciting and contemporary chart.  There is written solo space for 2rd alto, but any soloist can play on the  F Phrygian scale. Learn More
  • That's How We Roll

    A Goodwin original, this is a bouncy shuffle that has melodies with big hooks to grab your attention. Shuffles always work great and this one is no exception. As recorded by the Big Phat Band, it’s a winner at any concert! Learn More
  • The Beat Goes On

    Yep, it's the tune by Sonny Bono, from Sonny and Cher fame! With a driving shuffle feel, this contemporary and hip treatment of this classic pop-rock tune let's you know you are in for a treat from the first note. This is a powerful and fun-to-play chart with solo space provided for tenor, trumpet 2, and guitar if desired. The lead trumpet range is to written high D. This title is available in Sm Learn More
  • The Days of Wine and Roses

    You know this great standard, but check out how the chart goes back and forth from F to A-flat. The swing feel is around 148 BPM, solos are written for trumpet 2 and alto, lead trumpet hit a written B-flat above the staff, and the vibe part will add a nice texture to the ensemble. (3:12) This title is available in SmartMusic. Learn More
  • The Jazz Police

    It's hot !  A Jazz-rock adaption of Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band chart for the young band. The driving bass and funky lines will engage the band, the audience and you Learn More

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  • Tweet

    This will earn a smile from the audience and the band.  A subtle "tweet" harmony effect is in the chart, but it's not too obvious, so no novelty chart.  Instead it's a rock-flavoured, upbeat, and fun vehicle for the band Learn More
  • Walkin' and Swingin'

    Celebrate Mary Lou Williams' 100th anniversary with this easy-going, medium swing tune and its memorable unison sax melody.  Nice second chorus featering one trumpet with sax section in soli. Learn More
  • What's Cookin'

    A Latin rock tune with a cool melody, and a groove that keeps simmering through this fun chart. Learn More
  • Wizard Wheeze

    The magic of Harry Potter comes to jazz section! This big-band arrangement is a tribute to Harry’s favourite wizard joke shop, the Wizard Wheezes. A bonus track on the soundtrack for the sixth film, treat your jazz ensemble to this swingin Victor López arrangement. Learn More
  • Work Song

    A great jazz standard, this swing chart plays well at 176 BPM. Features of Adderley's "Work Song" include a lead trumpet range to written A above the staff, written alto and trumpet solos, a great shout chorus, and cool development section. You'll love it. (4:49) Learn More
  • Yardbird Suite

    If you want your band to swing, then you gotta check out this fine chart on a charlie Parker standard. It has a solo (melody is written out ) for tenor sax and alto sax.  lead trumpet range is written to D above the staff. Learn More

Items 61 to 74 of 74 total

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