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  • Begin the Beguine

    This is a truly authentic transcription of Artie Shaw's classic version of BEGIN THE BEGUINE. Jeff Hest has meticulously notated every detail of this famous chart. Since it was such an important song in the genre, this arrangement creates a great opportunity to teach your students about the history of the big band. (duration 3:19) Learn More
  • Caravan

    This 'barn burner' by outstanding arranger John Wasson was recorded by the very hot Jim Widner Big Band for his commercially available CD Body and Soul on the Chase Music Group label. Pure Latin fire from start to finish, this difficult chart will have your students begging to practice. With the opportunity for an extended alto sax solo, this Rolls Royce of an arrangement is definitely top-notch! This excerpt recording is courtesy of Chase Music Group. (2:08) Learn More
  • Chelsea Bridge

    Ah,  this beautiful ballad by Billy strayhorn is full of lush textures.  Every performance needs a ballad, and this one is truly superb. Learn More
  • Cold Duck Time

    "Cold Duck Time" is an exciting chart from the first note! This one has a straight-eighth groove at 120 BPM with a written tenor solo. The lead trumpet range is to written C above the staff. Includes optional flute and vibes parts too. Outstanding chart! (6:34) Learn More
  • Love For Sale

    Check out Alan Baylock, one of the finest writers on the scene today. Alan's hip chart for Cole Porter's Love for Sale starts off with bari, bass trombone, and bass handling the melody and it goes upwards and onwards from there. Jazz solos for alto 1 and trumpet 2. Lead trumpet to written D, bone to A-flat. Energy galore, full ensemble, contrapuntal lines, solos, solis - you name it, this fine chart has it. Love for Sale screams festival. Learn More
  • Makin' Whoopee

    Bass 'bone players can count on one hand the good charts available for their instrument. Well, here is one of the best, arranged by Dave Wolpe. A medium-swing feel, this showcase will bring the best out in your bass trombone player with no improvisation, just written melody. There is some (written-out) jazz for 2nd trumpet in harmony mute, and the lead trumpet has a unison line to written high E. A nice sax soli is the icing on this cake. An outstanding feature chart. (3:23) Learn More
  • Prelude To A Kiss

    A superb feature for baritone saxophone, this is certainly one of Ellington's more beautiful melodies and another winning chart from master arranger Dave Wolpe. The perfect ballad showcase for your bari player with plenty of melodic soloing and no improvisation. A swingin' double-time section offers a nice contrast to this lush ballad. This chart is perfect for concert, festival or even a dance gig. Give the bari player the spotlight. Learn More
  • Raincheck

    Check out this clever Strayhorn tune infused with wit along with les hooper's superb arrangement skills to create a tight-knit arrangement with a written 2rd trumpet solo.  There is a wonderful emsemble ection after the solo with just bass and hi-hat that is very hip. Learn More
  • Recorda Me

    A show-stopping Latin tune! Latin jazz at it’s best with excitement from the first note, sax solis, a melody line by tenor and trumpet, solo space for tenor, trumpet, and trombone, lead trumpet range to written high D, and a few drum solos. Great tune by a tenor sax legend. Learn More
  • Red Clay

    The groove is latin, but this is way hippier than your standard cha-cha.  Solo space is provided for a variety of players.  The chart is not that difficult technically, and has very interesting and rewarding texture and colours. A class act ! Learn More
  • Strong Like a Bull

    This spanish-flavoured tune has a march-like groove that creates a very powerful, exciting and contemporary chart.  There is written solo space for 2rd alto, but any soloist can play on the  F Phrygian scale. Learn More
  • The Beat Goes On

    Yep, it's the tune by Sonny Bono, from Sonny and Cher fame! With a driving shuffle feel, this contemporary and hip treatment of this classic pop-rock tune let's you know you are in for a treat from the first note. This is a powerful and fun-to-play chart with solo space provided for tenor, trumpet 2, and guitar if desired. The lead trumpet range is to written high D. This title is available in Sm Learn More
  • Yardbird Suite

    If you want your band to swing, then you gotta check out this fine chart on a charlie Parker standard. It has a solo (melody is written out ) for tenor sax and alto sax.  lead trumpet range is written to D above the staff. Learn More

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