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  • Act Your Age

    This hot Gordon Goodwin chart is now for the younger player. Slick and funky describes this very accessible arrangement. There are written solos for 1st alto (cued for 2nd alto) and a 1st trumpet solo cued in all four trumpet parts. Lead trumpet has a written A above the staff, but technically this chart is not difficult and will come together quickly to earn a spot in your programme. Learn More
  • Blues Mode

    This medium swing chart from a very creative writer approaches the blues with a 24-bar blues form that really makes it easy to hear and feel the blues chord progression. Features include written solos for tenor sax and trombone, backgrounds behind the soloists, a clever interlude section, and the lead trumpet part range to written F top line. A traditional yet hip-sounding swing chart! Learn More
  • Chili Today, Hot Tamale

    A great title and great chart. A samba groove in cut time around 90 BPM, accessible for a solid grade 2 level. Written solos for trombone 1 and tenor sax 1, and trumpet 1 range goes to written A above the staff with optional lower notes. This chart is fun to play and loaded with energy! (3:20) Learn More
  • Double or Nothing

    If you ever wanted to play an easy  swingin' shuffle, this is it.  The written tenor solo swings, the ensamble swings even harder, and the strong back beat on beat 2 will grab you. Learn More
  • Gonna Fly Now (Theme from "Rocky")

    The theme from Rocky is triumphant, powerful and noble sounding! This rock-style chart is scored for the young player by Victor López with the familiar Maynard Ferguson-flavored solo. The lead trumpet range is to written A above the staff. This chart includes a tenor solo (written) and the usual optional parts. Gonna Fly Now is a great classic that should be in all jazz libraries Learn More
  • Killer Joe

    Lisa DeSpain steps a little outside the box with this very clever and original treatment of this well known jazz standard.  Thie chart will mezmerise you yet swing all the way Learn More
  • King of Pop

    This medley is loaded with three great Michael Jackson songs and is guaranteed to be a hit.  "Bad" and "Beat It" have basic rock grooves and "The Girl Is Mine" has a pop-tune feel. Learn More
  • Little Sunflower

    Jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard has sadly passed on, but his wonderful music lives in this masterfully- arranged haunting melody with an alternating bossa and light funk groove. Solos are written for piano, trumpet, and tenor sax, with modest brass ranges, and a sweet shout chorus. Learn More
  • Major Thoroughfare

    A swing chart with a drum cadence street beat, Jeff Darrohn brings a military flavour to this chart. With unusual yet catchy melody, you'll like this original that features written solos available for altos, tenors, trumpet, or trombone. Learn More
  • Sambeando

    This cheerful and energized samba will brighten your jazz ensemble.  from the first note to the last, this is classic Victor Lopez Latin. Learn More
  • Santa's In Town

    You better watch out - this fine swing chart on the classic holiday favorite is easy to put together, swings, has a written trumpet solo, a sax soli, a nice short chorus and a modulation Learn More
  • Sticks

    Oh, yeah---this great chart cooks at around 170 BPM. With a straight-eighth note groove, everything written out, trumpet 1 range to written G on top of the staff, and a big juicy shout chorus, you've got it all. (3:47) Learn More
  • The Jazz Police

    It's hot !  A Jazz-rock adaption of Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band chart for the young band. The driving bass and funky lines will engage the band, the audience and you Learn More

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