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All of these graded charts are fully scored for 8 brass, 5 saxes and 4 rhythm. They will also work with a reduced instrumentation of 2 altos, tenor, 2 trumpets, trombone and 3 rhythm.

The parts and scores are all printed (not manuscript copies).

Optional high/low trumpet notation as appropriate. On intermediate level charts 1st Trumpet no higher than written C and 1st Trombone no higher than G. All except Despojo have written out very playable jazz solos.

Trombone and baritone sax solos are always cued onto treble clef parts to give maximum flexibility.

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  • A Night Like This

    Caro Emerald Big Band Girl Vocal. A laid back steady Latin number with a real warm Mediterranean late night style. The essential Latin percussion part is included. Learn More
  • Blues for moderns

    BIG BAND INSTRUMENTAL.Recorded by Don Lusher with the Ted Heath Band. This superb slow blues trombone feature has been tr. by Jerry Sheppard. Top note for trombone solo: G above middle C. The steadily building full band backing is well within the ability of the developing school band. Alternative B flat treble clef solo part included, suitable for trumpet or tenor sax. Key G. SPECIAL NOTE: The sample MP3 is a live recording of our actual published chart. Learn More
  • Chips n Salsa

    Phil Collins Big Band Instrumental Chart. Get into that Latin groove with Harry Kim's alto sax feature big band arrangement - just add a good portion of Latin percussion for a really tasty mix. From the album A Hot Night in Paris Key Dm NOTE: The sample MP3 is a live recording of our actual published chart. Learn More
  • Mi Tierra

    The title track from one of the most successful Latin albums of all time. Includes 3 additional percussion parts to help create the vibrant Cuban rhythms. Transcribed from the official music video on YouTube. A really great concert number. Learn More
  • Moondance

    BIG BAND INSTRUMENTAL. A chart by Jerry Sheppard presenting this great modern standard in a big band format. This is a really effective, but not difficult, mid tempo number. All sections are featured, plus written suggested piano and alto solos. Top note A for lead trumpet. Key G. NOTE: The sample MP3 is a live recording of our actual published chart. Learn More
  • Night train

    BIG BAND. Jimmy Forrest took the 12 bar blues based 'Happy Go Lucky Local' created by Duke Ellington and turned it into this incredibly effective jazz standard popularised by Jimmy Smith and many others. With optional high/low trumpets our chart by Jerry Sheppard can be played with trumpet 1 no higher than E on the stave. Baritone solo cued on Alto 1, plus an open section with a blues scale. This is the perfect mid tempo number for developing jazz improvisation. Key Bb. NOTE: The sample MP3 is a recording of our actual published chart. Learn More
  • Oye Como Va

    Big Band Instrumental (with optional vocal) based on the original Tito Puente version, from the album "Party with Puente". A very effective but not difficult chart. Top note A for 1st trumpet. Includes optional flute or piccolo. Key Eb. Learn More
  • Shaft (theme from)

    Big Band Instrumental. The funky disco groove 1970's film theme (featured on the album Dicso Classics) for full Big Band. A really effective but not difficult chart. Key G Learn More
  • Take Five (salsa band)

    The vibrant salsa (mambo) version from the album "Party with Puente", CCD-4924-2.Arranged by Tito Puente. Transcribed by Shaun Byrne. Learn More

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